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Alessandro Michelazzi

Alessandro Michelazzi, professional photographer, fashion, portrait and lifestyle.
He’s working with photography for more than 10 years. He was born in Triest, Italy in 1982. After moving in Florence he received his Bachelor degree in Photography and Graphic Design at the University of Florence in 2009. Alessandro improved his skills further by doing an Internship in Holland with the renowned Dutch photographer Gerrit Schreurs. He attended workshops learning from professional photographers such as Renè Burri, Michael David Adams, Franco Fontana, Gabiele Rigon and Gianni Volpi. During the summer of 2007, Alessandro won a photographic contest and was chosen to assist the photographers Keith Carter and Mauro Fiorese helping them during their workshop called “Visual Poetry”. This workshop was held at the famous Lake Como in Northern Italy. In 2010 he has been selected for the final round of the contest for the “Imprese Storiche Toscane ultra centenarie” organised by Fratelli Alinari. Alessandro Michelazzi is the creative director and co – founder of Reon Studio, an advanced exclusive digital production studio in Florence, and Google’s trusted agency for the Google Maps Business View program in Italy. Alessandro lives and works in Florence, Italy. Available for Fashion / Portrait, Lifestyle, Commercial Photography and Cinemagraph: for all the moments that need a special eye and taste to record the emotions and stories in a special way!