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Ana Karina Delgado

Ana Karina Delgado is a Colombian photographer and writer. Initially, she was trained in psychology and then filmmaking. She worked in films, television and advertisement up until 2013. That year she started dedicating herself to documentary photography, in particular, she approached to the fights of the indigenous and afro-descendant people for their self-determination and territories, in the midst of the still unresolved armed conflict in Colombia. She started writing fiction from a very early age, and for some years she has taken on reporting her jobs, building the stories using narrative as a complement in approaching the photographed topics and locations.

Her work has been published in newspapers and magazines in her native Colombia, but also French and Mexican online magazines, and various other international platforms. She has collaborated with the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross), the IOM (International Organization for Migration), with local social organizations and international aid workers in surrounding and conflict areas, as well as with the Center of Historical Memory, Colombian entity entrusted to compile and investigate the memory of the Colombian armed conflict.