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Andrea Dapueto

Andrea Dapueto is a photographer very concerned in social issues, who uses the camera to inspect the contemporary world with an introspective point of view.
He starts with photography in 1992 and up to the 2000 he collaborates with the Italian daily paper “Il Secolo XIX”. His work focuses mainly on problematic geo-political areas such as Afghanistan, Palestine, Latvia, Latin America and India.
From 1999 to 2001, he gains photographic experience working in London and Copenhagen. In 2001 Andrea travels to Afghanistan and a year later to the Palestinian territories. 
He collaborates as assistant with the “Toscana Photographic Workshop” for the master classes of Alex Maioli, Alexandra Boulat and David Halan Harvey. In 2004 he collaborates for the “Consulta giovanile del Comune di Tortona” for a photographic workshop and he works for “CEI (Conferenza Episcopale Italiana)” preparing a documentary campaign on the churches built in Rome after World War 2. He also collaborates with Bob Sacha, Ivo Saglietti and Stanley Green for the project in progress named “Focus on Monferrato”.  In the same year he takes part in the exposition “Genova del saper fare” for the celebration of “Genova European Capital of Culture 2004”.
In 2005 Dapueto participates to the Mediterranean biennale with his work on Palestina. 
Mention Award Ponchielli Grin-2006 with the work "dream. " Mention Award category reportage Orvieto Fotografia 2006 with the work "to be". China Humanity Awards 2006 category mention traditional rites "brother woods. " First prize Marco Pesavento - September 2006 "Rooms with view. " In 2008 he published in the Magazine Photo8 "Rooms with a View " For nearly three years collaborates on various projects with Unilever Italy, with the last book “Tradition Taste Passion”