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Caimi Piccinni

Valentina Piccinni and Jean-Marc Caimi started collaborating in 2013 for projects focused both on documentary and more personal, intimate photography. They work as freelances for the New York based agency Redux Pictures. Their features are regularly published in the press and web medias worldwide such as Time, Newsweek, The Sunday Times, Der Spiegel, Cicero, Taz, Týždeň, Internazionale, CNN, AlJazeera, and many others. The duo has published three books: "Same Tense" (Witty Kiwi Books), "Daily Bread" (T&G publishing) and "Forcella" (Witty Kiwi Books) an extensive work about a mafia ridden  neighbourhood in Naples. During 2014 "Daily Bread" has been exhibited in Sweden (Vasli Souza Galleri), Japan  (Reminders Stronghold Gallery) and in Italy (Interzone Galleria). The documentary work “The Fighters Of Maidan” was exhibited in 2014 at the Vasli Souza Gallery, Malmö, Sweden, at the Lumix Festival Of Young Photojournalism in Hannover and in 2015 it received multiple HM at the NPPA Best Of Photojournalism. Their polaroid series "War Dreams", focused on the expectations of soldiers going to the Ukrainian front line, is exhibited at the 2015 Delhi Photo Festival.