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Douglas Hook

Douglas Hook is a photographer based in Chongqing, China. He was born in England and grew up travelling with his family due to his fathers military career. His appreciation for different cultures later inspired him to follow in his fathers footsteps and join the British army. After meeting a photographer embedded with his regiment, he decided to leave the army in 2010 and pursue a career in photography. In 2013 he graduated at the University of Gloucestershire in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism BA(hons) with one of his final images being selected for the “AOP Open Awards” in London. In 2014 he moved to China. Covering stories from LGBT issues to “Bang Bang Men” he has always had an anthropological interest in people so he has based himself in Chongqing for the unique mix of traditional and modern that is the quirk of the city. With a strong interest in documenting social problems as well as human rights issues he is working on long term projects based in south Asia.