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Edoardo Fornaciari

Edoardo Fornaciari was born in Parma in 1952. After completing high school he moved to Milan to pursue photo-journalism. His first projects were made for agencies and newspapers and covered sports news, he later shoot about crime and social events. He worked in Rome, covering important events in Italy and the Vatican. He followed John Paul II in his pastoral activities and has documented the history of Italian politics, as well as being involved in reporting the activities of both the Mafia and Camorra, frequently publishing articles for international press. The lengthy and close collaboration of those years with Class Editori offered the chance to personally meet many significant Italian figures from the financial world. Living in Parma since 2000, he has produced books and promotional images for local industry, mostly the food industry, alternating this activity with that of geographical and cultural reporting worldwide. He has recently been involved with a series of portraits of craftsmen and representatives of civic society. He teaches "Food and Photography" at Master COMET of the Department of Food Science at the University of Parma.