Luz Photo Agency

Elisabetta Pallini

Elisabetta was born in Fiesole (FI) on 17th September 1991. Following her interest in photography, she attended the three years professional photography program at the Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence. After her conclusion of her studies, starting October 2015, she moved to Milan, where she lives. Her personal research is focused on exploring the evanescent border between reality and its representation. The subjects of her photographs have always been spaces, but lately her attention towards people and their stories is becoming more concrete. According to Elisabetta, the photographic mean is not contained in the hold ‘entourage’ of the ‘photographic medium’, but also in the use of Smartphone, that in fact it is one of her prerogatives. Also, the use of Photoshop and others programs of post-production it' s always welcome in her work, as a simple research tool and as a way of expressing her personal language.