Luz Photo Agency

Enno Kapitza

Born in Germany in 1969 enno grew up both in Japan and Germany. After assisting various photographers and learning fine art printing in a b/w lab he studied photography at the "staatliche fachakademie für fotodesign" in Munich, Germany. 
His diploma work about Tokyo was exhibited on several occasions and also published in the "German photo awards 1995" catalogue. Living in Munich Enno started to work as a freelance photographer for magazines, agencies, and corporate publications in 1996. His work was shown in many exhibitions like "fototage herten", "photo biennale daegu", "recontres des arles" and book projects like "made in germany/edition braus", "the mercy project/published by james whitlow delano". 
In 2011 he published his first solo photobook "wo das herz ist". For his assignments and personal work he travels frequently.