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Florian Lang

Born in 1980, Fürth, Germany. Florian Lang is an India based photographer working mainly on social and cultural issues.
2002 - 2011: After training as an educator and several years of working with children he studied Culture- and Media Education and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Applied Sciences, Merseburg. Through photo projects with kids, as a part of his studies but mainly during numerous trips, mostly to eastern and southeastern Europe, he developed and deepened his interest and passion for photography. In September and October 2010 he could realise his long-cherished dream, a trip to India over land, through southeastern Europe, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. November 2010 - March 2011: While volunteering with an Indian labour rights organisation, he worked on the photo documentary "Modern Times - Life & Labor in India; Delhi / Gurgaon; 2010/2011". The Work was exhibited in the Franckesche Stiftungen zu Halle an der Saale from June to October 2011.
For many reasons, he has decided to settle down in India from where he works as a freelance photographer. Currently, he's based in Delhi. As a photographer, he focuses on modern India, and try to capture images and stories, different from classical stereotypes that have so often been depicted about her. To document India in both, its vices and virtues has become one of his main objectives.