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Giordano Garosio

Giordano Garosio was born in 1984 in Brescia, Italy. In 2006 he earns a degree at the Italian Institute of Photography and since then he works as an freelance photographer with projects in Italy and the rest of Europe. His activities include photographic commercial works (Smeg, Bormioli, Tescoma, Adidas, Semeraro etc..), research and realization of stop motions (Timberland, Nutella, Axteria etc..), and outdoor photography, with a special focus on extreme sports such as highline, climbing, and alpinism. In the last few years, he carries out editorial publications (La cucina Italiana, Sport Week, Sale e Pepe, etc..) and he develops projects and exclusive contents for the the social media (Adidas, Witors, Sun68 etc..). Moreover Giordano performs small video productions, especially in the topics of food and sport.