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Giorgio Barrera

Giorgio Barrera's work has been focusing on the representation of the daily rituals of domestic life and landscape photography such as containers of reality, imbued with symbolism and imaginary. He is the author of several photographic surveys commissioned by major public and private institutions. He also made documentaries and short films experimenting with new cinematic language. His works have won many awards including Baume & Mercier, FNAC, Canon awards and have been published in various books and catalogues both in Italy and abroad. His works have been shown at the Art Institute of Chicago, at the International Biennial of Photography in Turin, at the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie in Arles at Jarach Gallery in Venice, at Gallery 42 in Modena and at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome and recently at Contact the photography festival in Toronto. Presently, he teaches at the Foundation Marangoni in Florence and lives in Milan.