Luz Photo Agency

Giulia Bernardelli

Giulia lives in Mantua, Italy. She has always been interested in arts: grews up in her dad’s bookshop and art gallery, she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. She has always been fascinated by colours, compositions, details, shapes and through practice acquiring good manual skills. Everything that she needed was around her, if only she looked carefully: she decided to replace the paint brush with what nature offered her. Leaves, fruit skins, food, liquids and everything in between these. All these elements come with different colours and textures. As such, Giulia never plans her creations well in advance, she simply follows her instinct, based on the actions she performs when in front of the tale or the table. For instance, at breakfast Giulia imagines a cat’s paws treading on jam and leaving footprints. Most of her creations are temporary and bound to disappear: they are eaten, or consumed and therefore the inexorably disappear. This is an essential feature of her artwork. After Giulia creates an artwork takes a picture and this becomes the perfect final result. This is how the artwork is captured at its best, in the moment of final wonder.