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Irene Berni

Irene Berni was born in Florence in 1977. Since 2007 she dedicates herself to Valdirose, a family run b&b. Here she creates atmosphere, develops recipes and hosts workshops and retreats where to celebrate the beauty of small things. She is the eyes and the words of the blog Valdirose and the ceo of her website. In the last years she wrote 2 cookbooks “Quello che piace a Irene” and “I doni di Irene”. She surrounds herself with creativity and she’s constantly looking for new ideas and projects. Her eyes are captured by details, frugality, light, fabrics and natural materials. She loves to share her passion through her Instagram profile. When she’s not at Valdirose preparing breakfasts or taking photos, you can find her wondering in woods, local markets and antique stores.