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James Hill

Born and brought up in England, James Hill studied history at Oriel College, Oxford before going on to graduate photojournalism studies at the London College of Printing, Britain’s leading journalistic college. Shortly after graduation in 1991 he left for the Soviet Union. Based from Kiev, Ukraine, until 1995, when he moved to Moscow to take up the position of European Contract Photographer of the New York Times. In 2001 he spent almost 4 months following the war in Afghanistan and in 2003 went to Baghdad “unembedded” alongside different US marine units to cover the fall of Saddam Hussein.In 2007 he was one of ten photographers chosen by American Photo magazine exemplifying different genres of portrait photography, Hill being selected as practitioner of the “historical portrait.” To this day he continues his close collaboration with the New York Times as well as with a wide circle of magazine and corporate clients.