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Kelly Costigliolo

Kelly Costigliolo is born in 1993 in Genoa. She spends her childhood between the sands of Rio de Janeiro and the ligurian hills. The first big move of her future carreer is the decision to move to Paris in 2012, where she starts studying photography at the EFET Institute, after graduate she gets the chance to be at the Voie Off fair in Arles as one of the exhibiting artists. Between 2013 and 2015 Kelly also collaborates with the NPO Watoto Kenya as a photographer and with the Makobeni Trust Company as volunteer for their cultural development programs, teaching photography lessons to kids from the Makobeni Community near the Tzavo Park, in Africa. In the digital-era Kelly is still interested in recording her works as physical entitites. She fuels her obsession for the concept of memories, contemporary art and communication by working on several projects, following them from the first draft to completion and keeping them in her hand-made books.