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Lindsay Mackenzie

Lindsay Mackenzie (b.1984) was born in Vancouver, Canada. Then she moves to Upstate New York to complete a BA in Geography. Upon completion of her BA she was awarded a Watson Fellowship to spend one year travelling independently to research conservation, tourism and development on four continents. Before working as a full-time photojournalist Lindsay spent three years leading tour groups on trips to Iran, Cuba, Egypt, Brazil, Italy and elsewhere. In 2011 Lindsay completed an MA in multimedia journalism and covered the events of the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt. Lindsay is a regular contributor to The National, an English-language daily based in Abu Dhabi. She has had work published in The Wall Street Journal, El Pais, Washington Post, Journalisten, and Under the Influence Magazine, among others. She also does photography and multimedia assignments for clients in travel and tourism and has led photography trips for National Geographic Student Expeditions.