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Marco Bulgarelli

Marco Bulgarelli (b.1973) is an Italian photographer born and raised in Rome.  After the studies of history and geography at "La Sapienza" University of Rome and the studies for direction, he attended the master at the Roman School of Photography where he graduated in documentary photography. Since then he has used his ability to fit in different social context and this has allowed him to tell unknown worlds from inside, such as youth culture, homosexuality, childhood, immigration, faith and west culture. Polyhedric photographer in continuous communicative research stands out for the wise use both color and black and white, 35mm as well as medium format.  His work stands out by its human and poetic approach, creating wide-ranging surveys of our time, which communicate on cultural, social and travel themes. He has developed the project, in collaboration with the National Geographic magazine, about the various degrees of integration of the Chinese community in Italy. He has produced several reportages in the Middle East, India, South East Asia and also in the European capitals. However, he has mainly focused his interest in the Eastern Europe, travelling extensively since 2002. In addition to his personal projects, commercial and editorial assignments, Bulgarelli is a teacher of photography and from 2014 also the photo editor for Shoot4Change non-profit company.