Luz Photo Agency

Marco Illuminati

Marco Illuminati has been a professional photographer since 2008. The first years of his work are connected to Brazil, particularly to Salvador de Bahia, where he was invited to collaborate with a local writer. This long-lasting partnership gave rise to publications which place Marco's documentary photos in dialog with texts and interviews. During the same years, Marco coordinated the digitalization of old books in a historical library of the city. In 2013 he moved to Paris, where he became very active in corporate photography, specializing in still-lives and in the reproduction of art works. He develops this activity in close connection with the museums, artist foundations, galleries, companies as well as private individuals he works for. His new work conditions and a diligent practice of studio photography have led to a method that is both meditative and ritualistic. His craft is extremely technical and precise, while it is responsive to chance. His direct framing and balanced compositions are always pleasantly arranged and never hermetic: a result of his continuous formal investigation. His images, serene or troubling, are characterized by a strong expressive quality and an internal tension.