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Massimo Berruti

Massimo Berruti (Italy, 1979) discovers his passion in photography just in 2003 while he was at the University. A freelance photographer since 2004, he became contributor at Grazia Neri Agency in 2005 and a VU' Member in 2008. He immediately starts working with the most prestigious International Magazines like TIME, The New Yorker, NewsWeek or L'Espresso, while his documentary interests are primary focused on social and geopolitical dynamics connected with the war on terror scenario. He is mostly known for his long term project on Pakistan, approaching the subject of social change. It is indeed from there that he works for the Carmignac Foundation on the subject of his first monographic book: Lashkars. "It is very rare that one experiences so directly, before a photographic work, the feeling of what inspired it and of what from day to day was its purpose. It is especially so as this feeling is completely contrary to what we think – or believe – we know of war photography" Christian Caujolle in "Lashkars" Ed Actes Sud 2011.
His images are part of the Carmignac Foundation and of MAXXI in Rome, and his essays have been exhibited at the Nobel Peace Centre as in some of the most prestigious International Festivals like in Arles and in Visa pour L'Image.
Berruti is the winner on numerous awards, among the most prestigious in the world.