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Matteo Linguiti

Matteo Linguiti is a photographer, director of photography and director. On set he manages to implement all the diverse competencies of these three roles in one synergic vision. His experience in fashion and advertising allows him to create images that are both unique and distinctive.  Matteo was born in Southern Italy and at 12 he began shooting wildlife on film. At the same time he acquired extensive experience in developing black and white photography, ultimately becoming a Fine Art print maker. During his research and while studying Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering in college, the human element took over and influenced his artistic vision. He lived in different parts of the world and experimented with street photography as well as reportage, which enabled him to improve his speed and his storytelling skills. After working with internationally acclaimed photographers, directors and DoP’s, he started shooting campaigns for many companies, creating fashion editorials for international magazines and working for important production companies. His first book, “Of beauty and solitude”, is the conclusion of an 8-year-long research that resulted in a number of powerful portraits and nudes. The photographs are interspersed with words from the women and together they become fragments of a humanity without masks. Today Matteo lives between New York and Milan.