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Matteo Montaldo

Matteo Montaldo is a freelance photographer specialized in documenting cultural and social issues and in portrait. Matteo’s works can be divided into 3 main categories: photojournalism, portraits and urban landscapes. Photojournalism was his first professional interest, further developed through journalistic in-depths. Immigration, contemporary housing issues, politics, and other socially and culturally relevant news have been part of his main reportage topics. Then there are portraits. He firstly approached the genre when working on a project about urban suburbs. Then he collaborated with several magazines and he continue the research through personal projects. Portraits for him are an investigation on the physical and psychological components of persons in-and-out of context. Urban landscapes are the third component of his work. Through the camera, he describes constructions and urban environments in a given time and space. Beyond these categories, Matteo is developing the idea of a polyhedric photography following the complexity of the medium. Developing projects is the consequence of this kind of research: a sum of different images linked through a narrative continuity.