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Maurizio Galimberti

Maurizio Galimberti was born in Como in 1956. He was trained as a survejor and in the building sites he developed his rigorous view with which he will impress the world of art. Since he was a young man, he won many photography competitions even under his mother or his wife name. At the beginning he uses a classic analogic film, mainly working in black and white and in diapo/cibachrome with a Widelux camera, then in the year 1983 his passion-obsession for the Polaroid camera begins. He chooses this camera for the simple reason that he could not stand waiting for the process before viewing the result of his shoot and also because he was always afraid of the dark in the darkroom. He realized as well that the colors were amazing when photographed with the instant film so he began a long journey till today of research and experimentation in the use of this media.
In the early nineties infact, he dropped the building family company and decided to dedicate himself only to photography and began a collaboration with Polaroid. 
He developed this peculiar technique of the mosaic of Polaroid because influenced by Boccioni’s futurism and Duchamp’s kinetic movement.
In just an instant, Galimberti is able to visualize a complicated deconstruction of the subject he wants to photograph. This deconstruction is mathematic in its rigour and musical in its overall harmony. He reads the music in his mind. With the same mosaic technique he makes portraits. In the 1999 he is first in the chart of photo portraitists of the magazine Class. The fame achieved with these unusual representations of faces takes him to the Venice Film Festival several times as official portraitist. In the 2003 edition of the Festival, his portrait of Johnny Depp will be the cover of The Times Magazines in England the same year. He collaborated with leader companies as : Milan calcio, Fiat Auto, Kerakoll , Jaeger Lecoultre, Illy caffè, Nokia, Lancia Auto. Galimberti published important books about the main cities of the world such as New York, Venice, Berlin,Paris. In 2013 published for Giart " Paesaggio Italia " / Marsilio editore. His work is part of the most important art and photo collections.