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Nikita Shokhov

Nikita Shokhov was born 1988 in Russia, lives and works in the USA. He studied Photography at The Rodchenko Art School (Moscow) and Cinematography at The Sverdlov Film Studio (Ekaterinburg). In 2014 he was awarded by World Press Photo with the series Utrish. In he 2015 participated at the 5th Photoquai Biennial in Paris; he then made five solo shows in Moscow, Kalinigrad and Perm in the galleries and photo biennials and participated in 25 group shows in all over the world. Nikita currently works a lot with leading media and his personal projects were published on important international magazines. He works with documentary, portrait, fashion, studio and staged photography, architecture photography and video. He also likes to experiment with digital photography. He is interested in topics connected to politics, social issues, fashion, music, sexuality, and religion. He devotes a lot of attention to specific visuality in terms lightning, colors, movement.