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Pascal Meunier

Pascal Meunier is a documentary photographer based in Paris. He holds a master's degree in Political Science. His latest photographic works relate mainly to the culture of Arab-Muslims, a world, that today, is much talked about but mostly misunderstood. Pascal Meunier's professional career began in Aleppo, Syria. For ten years, he has reported on cultural traditions from Mauritania to Malaysia, passing through Iran, Libya, Yemen and Egypt on the way. He does not concentrate on current events of a political nature, but prefers to show the intrinsic culture of the country instead. One of his aims is to capture heritage and traditions that are swiftly vanishing. The last public baths of Cairo, the island of Lamu, the oasis of Oualata, and the old town of Harar, his subjects invoke a sense of nostalgia. Beyond sounding the alarm, Pascal Meunier also shows a Muslim world in change, overtaken by modernity, but increasingly anxious to preserve its values.