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Philip Provily

The Dutch photographer Philip Provily lives and works in Paris. He has studied in Amsterdam and New York and has worked as an assistant of Rineke Dijkstra. 
Philip started his career in the Netherlands with an exhibition at the Groninger Museum. His works have also been exhibited in Rome, Paris and other international art galleries.
Furthermore, the Author was chosen for the catalogue "Le regardeur Neuflize Vie collection" in Paris and for the anthology "Photographers of The Netherlands" by GEM Museum in the Hague. He exposed at Centre National de la Photographie (now Jeu de Paume). In Paris he is working for UNESCO, the Dutch Embassy. He works also in Editorial for Le Monde, De Volkskrant, L’Optimum and Psychologies magazine. He loves working on portraits, staged photography with a great sense of humor and poetic lightscapes.