Luz Photo Agency

Pietro Baroni

He is an artist and photographer born (1977) and raised in Italy, currently based in Milan. His work focuses on contemporary social and philosophic issues. He loves wild places and art spaces. He is a Leica Camera Ambassador. As he holds a degree in Natural Science, he has been a geological and naturalistic guide in Iceland and Morocco. He visited Sarajevo for humanitarian purposes, and has always had a big passion for photography creating reportages for important editorial publications. Pietro has completed a long project for Milan Expo2015, and is currently working on two different artistic conceptual projects characterized by social and philosophical implications: one dedicated to fatherhood and one other against the machismo. He loves working on faces and on their emotional implications through an accurate analysis physiognomy. Another social-related project is "Milan Closets", for which he has won an Honorable Mention in the 2012 International Photography Awards (IPA), People Lifestyle Category. He is now working using photography, video, installations and mixed media.