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Roberto Zazzara

Roberto Zazzara shares life between his two fields of work: directing and pictures. He directed many short movies, documentaries, music videos, theatre plays, tv series. He won prizes, and has been selected by hundreds of festivals.  All of his short movies and documentaries won at least a prize. As a photographer, he exhibits his pictures in photography festivals, and he also works with brands and sport federations.  Also as a director, he made many commissioned works, for agencies, brands and sports themed videos.He’s often also director of photography of his video works, because of his interest in visual storytelling, and subjective point of view. In fact, his works are often audiovisual experiences, who take spectators in a suspended dimension, where the perceptions and meanings are on a free interpretation basis. His latest interactive short movie, "Claustrophonia", has been presented at Bologna Film Festival and represents a dreamlike walk through past and present, an adventure where the hero is driven by music and the future possibilities are in the hands of the audience.