Luz Photo Agency

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer is born in 1967 in Delmenhorst near Bremen. Until 1996 he studies at the University of the Arts Bremen. For his graduation work (supermarkets in East Germany) he is awarded the BFF-Förderpreis. It is the style of this early piece of work, that becomes characteristic for his later photography as well: clear lines, graphic image structure and a cautious view on the world. Thomas Meyer takes assignments from corporations as well as from major publishing houses. Thomas Meyer is specialized in portrait photography;  His work can be seen in many solo- and group exhibitions. In Nyon and Munich e.g. he exhibited his series “Inside Stasi” in the context of which he tracks down and resurrects the cellars and bunkers of the STASI surveillance body. For the series “Makeshifts”, a plastic bag becomes a lampshade, a tissue package an Ipod cover and a fin is used as a doorstop. He works and lives in Berlin.