Luz Photo Agency

Valentina Mari

Valentina is a Milan-based photographer who loves to express herself through various media. She has a diploma in Piano from Milan’s Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory, a diploma in Filmmaking Photography from Civica Scuola di Milano and a degree in Cultural Heritage from the Università degli Studi di Milano, and she explored the world of cinema, starting from the work of Carl Theodor Dreyer. She was photographing actors during scenes of costume dramas when It became obvious that photography was her natural form of expression. Valentina loves the diversity that photography offers. In each project she naturally blends commercial perspective with a creative and artistic view (‘Oltre’ of Erica Mou for Sugar 2011; ‘Io ballo da sola -Tate’, Miami Art Basel 2012, ‘Arredami’ Fuori Salone Design Week 2015), and above all she loves travelling and telling stories through delicate reportage about people and places and their nuances.