Luz Photo Agency

Yasmine Ferdjani

Yasmine is an Algerian/Malian woman, who grew up between Canada and West Africa. And she is now based in Dubai with a corporate marketing job by day and a camera around the clock. She was bit by the travel bug at a young age so she was always addicted to discovering new places. More recently, she became enthralled by the sensory euphoria triggered by new sights, sounds and smells.  Her phone and cameras became her best partners to tell stories. Though she likes to think she has a certain pastel eye – her photographic style can vary based on her mood and on what she sees in front of me: old towns, beaches, people, city lights, minimal, lifestyle, food, architecture etc... Her favorite scenes will always be snippets of a town’s beauty and richness in simple things. From the smiles, to a colorful street, to the running kids playing football and the mouth-watering food sold by a street vendor.
Year after year, the craving to explore new places grew. And in many ways, it’s been further fueled by how she has been able to bond over these experiences with so many people.
She doesn't call herself a photographer per say but rather an observer constantly chasing picturesque scenes.