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The present moment and eternity: never are they as close to one another as in a Polaroid, that type of instant photo that is transient, because it fades with time. As well as being timeless, because its fuzziness, the way its contents seem to flow and merge into each other, opens up new horizons: the surreal rarely demands answers about either time or place. An old-fashioned oddity, the Polaroid is a one-off image, there is no negative. Even at the very moment that it comes into being, it begins to fade away and, as its colour grow paler, it keeps on producing new trump cards from up its sleeve – a mystery without answers, nothing is definite, everything is at the disposal of one’s imagination. Battered walls like clouds, the staircase in the Portuguese entrance hall leads to somewhere unknown to me. The child in the cornfield – did it stand there yesterday or a hundred years ago? Jutta Voigt