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Water Kingdom is the biggest water park in Asia and is located in Mumbai (India). The paradox is evident: in the same the Country which has been referred to as "the thirsty giant", where there is short of supply of water resources and just few people have access to potable water, there is a place where fun is provided through to this precious good: water. Waterfalls, toboggans, artificial waves, giant floating elephants made of stone whose trunks eject water fountains: the park is a mix of colour and fun, accompained by Bollywood loud music. Water Kingdom is attended by Indian middle class. In order to get there, you need to take a small ferryboat to Goraj. Then, you get to this surreal-ish water park, a bit kisch, but coloured and joyful, too. A curious detail emerges from the images: dozens young coulpe, who are generally prudish and cold, appear close and relaxed in this artificial heavenly parenthesis.