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12.05.2015 / Giovanni Cocco, Paolo Marchetti and Marco Casino: winners of the PDN Annual 2015

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Giovanni Cocco won the PDN Annual 2015 - Personal category for his work "Monia".
Cocco’s sister, Monia, was born with a traumatic brain injury. At age 44, she communicates with simple gestures and has long moments without words or actions. Cocco photographs her as a way to understand how she experiences the world.

Paolo Marchetti won the PDN Annual 2015 - Photojournalism Documentary category for his his series “FEVER: The Awakening of European Fascism”.
Paolo Marchetti explores fear as a political tool in an era of globalization, financial crises and racial intolerance in Europe. The first chapter in a larger body of research, the series looks into the brewing storm giving rise to far-right fascist ideology.

Marco Casino won the PDN Annual 2015 - Photojournalism Documentary category for his work "Penny Penny Day".
In South African townships, Penny Penny Day is an annual celebration on November 5 that has roots in British tradition. Children and teenagers have developed their own customs by cross-dressing, carrying around a soda can and asking for a penny. Marco Casino took these photos in Katlehong, one of the largest townships in South Africa, and says most residents are unaware of the origins of Penny Penny Day and associate it with the gay rights movement.