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Giorgio Armani’s 2017 edition of Films of City Frames, the initiative that exalts the Brand’s constant commitment with young new talents and its strong   bond with Cinema. Armani involves five different international film Academies. The talents of each school created a series of short movies whose narrative is built around the eyewear collection Frames of Life, and tells real life stories.  LUZ's Authors have supported Armani in building the backstage stories for the cities of Beijing and Boston, by telling in a truthful and vivid way the challenges that the participants of Films of City Frames had to face and their emotions, together with the daily beauty of urban landscapes. Giulia Marchi’s photos and Frederic Henriques’s videos perfectly captured the atmosphere of Beijing and the interesting synergy created by the different cultures that the talents of Beijing Film Academy belong to. While Stefano Lemon’s photos and Roberto Zazzara’s video represented an astonishing point of view of the city of Boston and the incredible storytelling gift of the young directors from the Emerson College.

© Frederic Henriques, Stefano Lemon, Giulia Marchi, Roberto Zazzara / LUZ