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The young photographer Piero Martinello wins the LUZ Fellowship 2012, thank to his work “Il libro dei radicali”. LUZ goes on with his policy of investment on young italian talents, despite this crisis situation. Piero Martinello, 25 years old, professionally grew at Fabrica, receives in reward for the win, a budget of 10,000 thousand euros to realize in 2013 his project, that he describes as following: “Il libro dei radicali is an anthropological journey across Italy, whose have decided to make a radical choice, whose has been obliged in making these choices, whose has them for received grace, whose has inherited them and whose made them without realizing it. A journey that spread to the reclusion in a monastery of Clarisse to the bolt-hole of the Casalesi’s clan boss, from illegal rave party to devotion to Saint Gemma, from the friulian village idiot coming to whom have inherited the the physiognomy of the women told by Piero della Francesca. A path, that starting from the cultural italian root, makes one think about  modern topics such as the need of isolation, of escape, of return or rediscovery. In this exact historic moment, after that our country was subjected to his cultural genocide, in a dark period of decay of custom, of thinking and politic. Devotion, Subversion, Deviance, Escape, Seduction: these are the book’s chapters, that is set as a concept album (a unique topic, around which it has developes a story, with also some breaks) and includes a series of black and white photos, archive’s pictures, passport photos, grafic composition and interviews”. The jury, made by Andrea Monti (Director of Gazzetta dello sport), Federico Pepe (Art Director of BBDO agency), Francesco Jodice (photographer), Angela Madesani (curator and teacher of photography’s history), Renata Ferri (Photo editor of Io Donna and Amica) and Alberto Giuliani (partner LUZ).