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Technogym promotes the philosophy of Wellness. LUZ Photographers and Journalists have collaborated with Technogym magazine “Newsroom”, telling stories about excellence with a distinctive conceptual and visual depth. Each month, for five months, on Newsroom were published stories with both textual and photographic contents about different topics: integration, luxury, growth, health, sport. Each story contributes in making Newsroom the new point of reference in the Wellness world.

Racconti poetici di azioni eroiche

La teoria della classe veramente agiata

Laos, la piccola Cina di domani

Ciclismo, la fatica nell'anima

Correre come Haile Gebrselassie

Olivier Panis a Monaco 1996: quando meno te lo aspetti

Goran Ivanišević a Wimbledon 2001: l’ultimo trionfo dell’eroe di Spalato