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  In Italy about 6 million women experience violence during their lives*. Many of them don’t report the attacks.  Others do it, yet after spending a period in reception centres for women and minors in difficulty, they turn back because they feel like they don’t have a concrete opportunity to restart.
Telefono Rosa and Samsung Electronics Italia, both with LUZ, have worked on a project and on a social campaign in order to make the public opinion aware of the violence against women. With the #Womenruntheshow project we have given to 10 women a real possibility to restart: we offered them training courses in line with their passions and we gave them the opportunity to be the protagonists of the new Telefono Rosa TVC.
These women have accused and have started again. These women are an example for other women with similar stories, and a warning for all of us about the need to concretely tackle this urgent issue. *Source: ISTAT, June 2015