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What we do

LUZ was founded back in 2010 from the heritage of the legendary photojournalism agency Agenzia Grazia Neri. Nowadays LUZ is a content marketing agency with the bold mission to create, to safeguard and to spread stories based on truth of events narrated, relevance for the audience, and authorship.

Our method

Thanks to the integration of skills deriving from publishing, advertising and consulting, LUZ is the first communication agency that comes from photo-reportage. It is this DNA that makes each of our stories distinctive. We work with B2B, B2C companies and publishers: we tell stories with clues to social context with a high authorial sensitivity.



A team dedicated to the development of analysis on network conversations and on the history of LUZ projects: because we believe it is better to listen before speaking. This is essential to better address the authorial direction of the contents.


The interface to the customer for all aspects related to the project life cycle: they manage content strategies supervise content production, and related predictions and measurement of benefits for the customer.


Besides analysis and strategy, content is needed: the publishing team follows the strategic direction and creates editorial contents for LUZ and for the clients’ platforms, supporting the coordination of video, photo, text, and graphic productions, signed by LUZ most suitable authors.

Children standing inside the metro and going to school


LUZ is a growing open network and nowadays counts more than 500 professionals around the world carefully selected by means of authoritative criteria: what is their focus, their passion for the theme, their sense of responsibility in handling the story and their ability to find new perspectives and new narrative approaches.


talents are part of our network


use the video to tell the stories


are instagrammers


textual authors


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